Green Carpet Awards

Green Carpet Awards

The Green Carpet Awards is an annual event in which leading start-ups and small businesses in the green economy, from around the world, will be recognized for their efforts in developing innovative solutions for a greener future. The forum is modelled on the Oscars forum but aims to be a “green event”, relying on the latest technology to increase its reach and impact.

Selection process

Our team receives nominations for start-ups and small businesses from all over the world. We then review each nomination individually, and with the help of a panel of experts, the Posterity Institute shortlists the nominations based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate impact
  • Have been operating for at least two years
  • Have secured at least an agreed minimum USD investment
  • Have an outstanding user experience
  • Show potential for tremendous growth and scale in their user base

Call for Nominations will be announced soon so stay tuned!